Play time!

Arts and activities

“All the toys and distractions make the waiting so much more bearable.”

A tired mum

We fund an extensive Arts Programme, providing fun, creativity and distraction by delivering a wide variety of arts activities for children throughout the hospital.

Through 2016/17 we will deliver a wide variety of art collaborations, a small selection of which include:

  • Artist in residence programmes - work with children who are kept in isolation.
  • Dancebase teachers - work with the physiotherapy department to keep children active, even while they are bed bound.
  • Art and music therapists - encourage children who have cancer to express themselves through art or patients in the high dependency unit who will respond to music.
  • The Wee Replicators team - work with the occupational therapists and use 3D printing pens to build sculptures with children who need help with fine motor skills.

“SKFF provides so much fun that I often have a job on my hands trying to get Emily home when she is better!".”

What an effect we're having!

Not only does SKFF provide an exciting, varied and ongoing programme of fun activities for children of all ages, but we're also proud to be contributing £2.9 million for the Art and Therapeutic Design Programme (ATD) at the new hospital at Little France.

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